Frank’s construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven - Wood burning loam bread oven - Build oven dome

Construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven


The complete, highly detailed construction manual is available as a eBook-CDROM. Here I offer this manual to build a wood burning oven using brick and loam materials. This plan is based on my own oven built in my back yard. Each stage of construction is described. This oven has provided many years of service. This manual is copyright protected.The oven itself is construted of inexpensive loam. Loam is a natural building material, which exists all over the world. Loam construction is simple and has been used in oven construction for centuries.

A wood fired oven is ideal for baking rustic pizzas and bread with a unique taste. The oven can also be used to bake bagels and cakes as well as baked pasta, meat dishes, chicken or suckling-pig – great for a garden party or barbecue.
Impress your friends with your extraordinary wood fire baked dishes.The size of the stone oven with pedestal:
Wide: 140 cm (55 inches)
Deep: 175 cm (65 inches)
High: 150 cm (60 inches)

It is possible to adapt the dimensions to individual need.


You recive:  

  • 1 CD-Rom with detailed manual (PDF format, 40 pages)
  • 40 high quality pictures of each stage of construction
  • 14 drawings with measurements in cm and inches
  • Lists of material for every stage of construction
  • Recipes for pizza-dough, pizza and bread

This pizza oven manual is copyright protected. The construction manual may not be copied, multiplied, translated or resold.

copyright 2012 by Frank Noetzold

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You can buy the construction manual also as CD-ROM by eBay
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I finished my pizza oven and want to thank you. Used with great success numerous times. Once again thank you.
Raymond L. from Victoria (Australia)
I have received the data and iy looks great, Thank You
Anna N. from Saylorsburg (USA)
The construction manual is in pdf format, very detailed, and easy to follow
Wolf N. from Boonooroo (Australia)
will send photos but could take a while, very happy to receive,thanks!
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Compliments on your cook book, which I received and browsed through. Thank you! Anna C. from Los Angeles (USA)
Your book is very good: a great help. I have not seen anything like it in
Barnes and Noble. Congratulations!
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Very professional product and service.
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Thanks very informative and well designed manual..wish us luck!
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Super fast delivery. Item is great - exactly what I needed! Thank you!!!
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excellent cant wait to build it, great details
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THANK YOU...Look forward to making our pizza oven.
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Very Fast Delivery! Very happy with the item - Can't wait to use it!
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Brilliant cd will be very helpful thankyou
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