Frank’s construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven - Wood burning loam bread oven - Build oven dome

Cooking Aids

The baking-oven thermometer
There are different ways to determine the temperature in your oven depending on how much you want to spend. The flour method is the cheapest and is described in the next section. If you want a precise temperature reading you will need a thermometer.

You can obtain a baking-oven thermometer designed to be placed into the oven. They are made of stainless steel and measure up to 300 degrees Celsius (570 F). The disadvantage is getting the device into and out of the oven. The advantages are accurate reading and reasonable price.

The baking-oven lance thermometer is about 50 cm (20 inches) long and measures up to 600 degrees Celsius (1110 F). You can build these thermometers into the door or also directly into the loam body. If the lance is exposed to the radiant heat inside the oven it will provide the temperature of the oven interior. If the lance is embedded in the loam it will provide a measure of the retained heat of the oven.

Another option is the infrared thermometer. These are hand-held devices that are aimed at the baking surface from outside the oven. The temperature of the surface aimed at is reported digitally.

The peels
Peels are one of the most important implements used during baking. For baking pizza I have a slidegate valve (peel) 32 cm (12 1/2 inches) in diameter made from sheet steel. Aluminum or sheet steel are suitable materials. For baking bread I made myself two slidgate valves from wood, one for long breads and one for round breads. They are cut from thin fir wood. The front edge was beveled. The handle length varies as needed for the oven depth.
The oven wire comb
Used to push the embers and ash from the furnace. I use one I made myself with an 20 cm (8 inch) wide sprag (the piece at the end of the handle) made of wood. These can also be metal but a wooden sprag prevents scratches to the baking surface. If you do use one made of wood keep a bucket of water handy to dip it in frequently when moving hot embers around in the oven.
The wiper

Used to clean the baking surface once it is free of hot embers. It is like a scrubbing brush but without bristles. A wet cloth is wound around it to do the cleaning. Screws can be placed in the back to facilitate attaching the cloth. In the old days a brush made from a fir wood branch or a fern would be attached to a wooden stick, dipped into water to clean the baking surface. The steam this creates is very good for bread baking.

more detailed info: Construction CD-ROM
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