Frank’s construction manual for a wood-burning pizza oven - Wood burning loam bread oven - Build oven dome

The pedestal

When the foundation hardened I set a row of brick on it all the way around. I then poured a base plate of concrete on the surface enclosed by the bricks. The pedestal has a width of 140 cm (55 inches) and a depth of 165 cm (65 inches). In the pedestal an arch will be formed to act as a storage place for firewood. Boards from old shelves or particle board can be cut to create the form pieces for the arch. You will need to cut three equal forms pieces, one part each for the front, middle, and back of the arch. Roof laths are then fastened all around to join the three arch pieces into a form.
With the form in place you can now lay the bricks that make up the pedestal arch. For the visible front row I used clinker brick for its look. I used cinderblock for the outside walls of the pedestal and smaller bricks to fill in around the arch. When the pedestal reached a height of 70 cm (27 ½ inches) I put down a row of good quality brick on the top of the left and right sides and back plus a row of clinker brick across the front (this front row will be visible after construction).With the pedestal thus completed you have a frame that can hold the loam bed that the baking surface will be embedded into.
more detailed info: Construction CD-ROM
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The Perfect Italian Pizza
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